Our size allows us to be large enough to be competitive and small enough to care.

To make the claims process easier, insureds can open a new claim by emailing the information below to claims@americanriskins.com. Avoid delays with accurate spelling. 

Insured’s information needed:

1) Name

2) Property Address

3) Contact information - Phone Numbers and Email

4) Policy Number if known

5) Brief description of damage. If FEMA Flood Denial Letter is needed please indicate in this area. 

Privacy Policy

In the course of our business relationship with you, American Risk Insurance Company (“ARI” or “we”) collects information about you that is necessary  to provide you with our products and services.   We treat this information as confidential and recognize the importance of protecting it.  We value your confidence in us.

We realize that you trust us with an important part of your financial life.  Your privacy is important to us. We ask that you take a few minutes to review our privacy policies which are designed to protect your personal information.


We collect and maintain information about you to provide you with the coverage you request and to properly service your account.

We collect certain information about you and the members of your household (“you”) from the following sources:

  • Information you provide us on applications or other forms, such as your social security number, assets, income and property information;
  • Information about your transactions with us, our affiliates or others, such as your policy coverages, premiums, and payment history;
  • Information we receive from a consumer reporting agency or insurance support organization, such as  credit report information and claims history;


We restrict access to personal information about you to those individuals, such as our employees and agents, who provide you with our products and services. We require those individuals to whom we permit access to your customer information to protect it and keep it confidential. We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that comply with applicable regulatory standards to guard your nonpublic personal information.

We do not disclose any nonpublic personal information about you, as our customer or former customer, except as described in this notice.


We may disclose the nonpublic personal information we collect about you, as described above, to companies that perform marketing services on our behalf or to other financial institutions with which we have joint marketing agreements and to other third parties, all as permitted by law.  We will report any claims reported to the Claims Loss Underwriting Exchange.


You have the right to prevent an insurance company, agent, adjuster or financial institution from disclosing your personal financial information to companies that are not affiliated with the insurance company or financial institution.  Some examples are income, social security number, credit history and premium payment history.

If you apply for a policy, the insurance company or financial institution must notify you if it intends to share financial information about you and give you at least 30 days to refuse.  This refusal is called “opting out.”  If you buy a policy, the insurance company or financial institution must tell you what information it collects about you and whether it intends to share any of the information, and give you at least 30 days to opt out.  Agents and adjusters who intend to share your information with anyone other than the insurance company or financial institution must give you similar notices.  You can opt out at any time.  Your decision to opt out remains in effect unless you revoke it.  These protections do not apply to information:

  1. publicly available elsewhere
  2. insurance companies or financial institutions are required to disclose by law; or
  3. insurance companies or financial institutions must share in order to conduct ordinary business activities.


Currently, ARI only shares nonpublic information about its customers in regard to claims, which are reported to the Claims Loss Underwriting Exchange. We do not share nonpublic information with any other affiliated companies or third parties at this time.


We reserve the right to change our privacy practices in the future, which may include sharing nonpublic personal information about you with affiliated or nonaffiliated third parties.  Before we do that, we will provide you with a revised privacy notice and give you the opportunity to opt-out of that type of information sharing.


If it is your decision to not opt-out and to allow sharing of your information with our affiliates, you do not need to request an Opt-Out Form or respond to us in any way.  If you have previously submitted a request  to opt-out on each of your policies, no further action is required.

If you prefer that we not share consumer report information with our affiliates, except as otherwise permitted by law, you may request an Opt-Out Form by calling toll free, 1-866-711-1979 (please have all of your policy numbers available when requesting Opt-Out Forms).  A form will be mailed to your attention.  Please verify that all of your ARI policy numbers are listed.  If not, please add the policy numbers on the forms and mail to the return address printed on the form.  We will implement your request within a reasonable time after we receive the form.


We are providing this notice to the named policyholder residing at the mailing address to which we send your policy information.  If there is more than one policyholder on a policy, only the named policyholder on that policy will get this notice, though any policyholder may request a copy of this notice.  You may receive more than one copy of this notice if you have more than one policy with American Risk Insurance Company.

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